A Call from the Arrernte to Close Pine Gap &
Heal the Land
To all the peoples of the world
From this day forth we assume our ancient responsibility to this land and to the Earth.
We observe our lore.
  The harm originating in our country from the American run PINE GAP is immense.
 We remind the world of our responsibility as guardians under the lore for all that takes place on our country.
We all share the burden of Pine Gap and the activities taking place there.
In this the year 2016 we close PINE GAP.
The Australian Government is incapable of doing this, so we need your help.
Come to the CENTRE in peace prepared to assume your responsibility as guardians to heal our differences in a spirit of unity:
 free from government, and responsible to each other and to mother earth.
Every one of us matters, and every one who assumes this responsibility is welcome.
We ask you to feel the spirit move within you. 
Come to the land of the Arrernte to heal, to live together, to share culture,
  and build a positive future.
It is time to live out the spiritual awakening that is bringing together the many peoples of the world.
As we go through this healing and smoking our spirits will open to a brighter future.

We are open for expressions of interest - please consult the relevant pages via links below....


We are  ‘kwertengwerle’ (ritual caretakers) of the central and eastern Arrernte.

We invite you to a cultural exchange on Arrernte lands.

We want to make the closing of the Pine Cap U.S. spy and drone base an act of healing and cultural co-creation.

To do this we are offering to host a number of healing camps which welcome, embrace and support the 2016 Alice Springs Peace Convergence   19 September - 3 October 2016.

Other camps and activities will happen at different times and in different places before and after the Peace Convergence. They will be themed on Healing, Permaculture, Learning, Arts and Action.

Aims of our Co-creation

To re-imagine the lore of land.

To de-colonise the law of the land.

To co-create an earth caring and peace loving culture, which both celebrates the ancient ways
and adapts the best of the rest.

To promote, apply and cultivate the healing arts in this time of epochal transition.

To reach out to the care takers from all lands to join us in bringing unity and healing to the Earth.

Expected Outcome
A garden of cultural delights planted amongst original and non-original peoples - a living example of what is possible for people wanting to live in peace, in harmony with the land, in accordance with the ancient ways and also with the new ways that changing conditions and technologies bring.