We are inviting permaculturists and others committed to a sustainable future to assist the Arrernte in adapting traditional land use to modern needs and technologies so as to establish an independent and sustainable way of life on Arrernte country.

A sustainable system is sometimes described as one that produces more energy than it consumes, including enough in surplus to maintain and replace the component parts over time. Efforts to achieve this, on a global scale, have stalled despite the best efforts of many people.
We are excited to say that the Arrernte are now committed to creating a permaculture on their land which will make use the best of old and new ways of land management to bring the people into harmony with the land in a sustainable system.

The Arrernte are proposing a cultural exchange: knowledge of country will be shared and the role of custodian demonstrated in exchange for knowledge of new technologies for feeding and sheltering larger numbers of people in the semi-arid setting of central Australia. As with all matters concerning land, water is a central concern for the Arrernte and we seek advice on world’s best practice regarding water use and conservation.

Some areas which may be of interest include:
- Permanent agriculture (permaculture) in a semi-arid environment. Eg: greening the desert initiatives…
- Promotion of bush foods – can they be farmed?
- Healthy eating initiatives incorporating bush foods, bush medicines and non-native food types.
- Models of housing and shelter adapted to the country, built with sustainable materials and suited to the way people live
- Adaption and transition from European land uses to sustainable uses of land, e.g.: cattle, sheep, water use, mining, etc.
- Economic interactions with other tribes and with commonwealth and international markets.

Expressions of interest to assist are being taken. If you wish to volunteer your services, wisdom, learning and skills please fill out the form below.  
  Alternatively, you may wish to participate in events already being organised, in which case please make a general expression of interest. All are welcome to express your interest regardless of your skills, talents, etc. Above all, we are seeking people who bring positive energy and a willingness to move beyond existing paradigms in building a positive future for our children and grandchildren: without government, free from financial enslavement, and living as guardians of a sustainably managed environment.


We are  ‘kwertengwerle’ (ritual caretakers) of the central and eastern Arrernte.

We invite you to a cultural exchange on Arrernte lands.

We want to make the closing of the Pine Cap U.S. spy and drone base an act of healing and cultural co-creation.

To do this we are offering to host a number of healing camps which welcome, embrace and support the 2016 Alice Springs Peace Convergence   19 September - 3 October 2016.

Other camps and activities will happen at different times and in different places before and after the Peace Convergence. They will be themed on Healing, Permaculture, Learning, Arts and Action.

Aims of our Co-creation

To re-imagine the lore of land.

To de-colonise the law of the land.

To co-create an earth caring and peace loving culture, which both celebrates the ancient ways
and adapts the best of the rest.

To promote, apply and cultivate the healing arts in this time of epochal transition.

To reach out to the care takers from all lands to join us in bringing unity and healing to the Earth.

Expected Outcome
A garden of cultural delights planted amongst original and non-original peoples - a living example of what is possible for people wanting to live in peace, in harmony with the land, in accordance with the ancient ways and also with the new ways that changing conditions and technologies bring. 


Permaculture Events

REVIVAL TOUR by Bus to Alice Springs for the Peace Convergence...

Expression of Interest Form

Do please send in your ideas and skills!! 

But please do not hold any attachment to being a ‘missionary’ or ‘chosen one’– this is about positive co-creation and cultural exchange.
 We have a group of experienced practitioners dealing with enquiries and are keen to assist a meaningful dialogue in the times up to the camps.    

We are open to what you suggest, and worry not if you are new to this work and simply wish to get more involved.  Humility and space holding will be some of the most noble ways you can be involved....
Your interest/project idea?
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Your skills, experience?